When the Lights Go Out

Incredibly, six weeks after Hurricane Maria, 70% of Puerto Rico still languishes without power

It is in our nature as humans to take things for granted.  We do not often ponder how and why all the modern conveniences that we use on a daily basis work the way that they do…until they don’t.

As the 20th Century progressed, technology enabled many people across the planet to improve their lives at an astounding level.  Tasks that could take hours or days to complete, could now be performed in a fraction of the time.  What is the key ingredient for all this advancement one might ask?  We know it’s electricity.

Whether you choose to call it juice, power or electricity, one thing is for certain; most of the world has a deep dependence on the stuff that flows through the lines overhead.  So, one can only imagine the devastation that ensues when a modern country like Puerto Rico loses power to almost 100% of its residents.  And, to add insult to injury, 70% of the island is still without power 6 weeks after the hurricane.

Sadly, the fine people of Puerto Rico have a very long road ahead.  Recently, some reports have stated that it could be six more months for some residents to have their power restored.  Basically, much of Puerto Rico has been blasted into the “Stone Age” because of their dependence on power.  It’s already too late for the residents Puerto Rico to get ready for disaster, but you can be ready with a few clicks of your mouse by choosing one of the high-quality, lithium-ion generators on Patriot Prepared.

As record snowfalls continue to take place all along the northern part of America, one must ask, “How long before the lights go out?”

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