Tis the Season

Tis The Season — to be Prepared

Tis the season…well, it’s getting closer!  How many of you would like to finish some of your gift shopping quickly?  Well, we may have the right item for you!

What is made of stainless steel, that you can…

  • Boil water in for drinks or to constitute instant or dry food?
  • Can cook food on top of (and comes with all the tools to do so)
  • Has no moving parts?
  • Requires no technical assembly?
  • Is made so you can pass it down for generations?
  • Can use it for camping, hiking, hunting camps or emergencies?
  • Does not require charcoal, propane, sterno cans, etc?

The Kelly Kettle Ultimate Stainless Steel Base Camp Kit!

In times of trouble, people with food storage need to be able to hydrate and cook their food.  Normal power sources may be out, and the propane / charcoal for a barbeque could eventually run out.  In times without trouble, people like to recreate outdoors.  The Kelly Kettle base camp is so lightweight and portable, it can be taken backpacking, camping, or be the fire as hunters sit and tell their tales of the day.  Unlike other camping or emergency stoves, any burnable fuel (sticks, pinecones, dry grass, etc.) can be used for the fire.  And because it is so well made and simple in design, this could be a great, practical gift that a father would pass down later to their children.

The Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp Kit is on sale for $159.99 + shipping.  If you use the coupon code ‘kettle’, we will take 10% off any food bucket you order along with it.

Why wait?  Get the perfect practical and affordable gift for the outdoor lover in your life and cross another name off your Christmas gift-buying list even before Thanksgiving!