ThermaFuel Emergency Survival Fuel


Survival situations require a fuel that is powerful, versatile, and long-lasting. Legacy developers are experts when it comes to preparedness gear and have created ThermaFuel, a cook stove fuel that is exactly what an emergency situation demands. Not only does ThermaFuel offer instant heat that can be used indoors or out, it also has a long shelf life, lasting for 20 years plus. It’s an ideal fuel source for survival stoves and the perfect addition to any emergency survival preparedness kit.

Made in the USA

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Stock up on instant heat with a long shelf life with Legacy’s ThermaFuel emergency preparedness fuel.
For outdoor adventures, emergency situations, or long-term survival preparedness, Legacy’s ThermaFuel cans are a reliable emergency heat source. Each fuel can burns for four hours and has the capacity to cook from four to six meals. Heat from the cans is steady and does not fluctuate to a great degree, meaning your food cooks easily and quickly. And with an extremely long shelf life of 20 years plus, with Legacy’s ThermaFuel, you can rely on your emergency survival heat source to still be viable when you need it.

Not only does Legacy’s emergency stove fuel have a long shelf life, it is also safe and convenient to use.ThermaFuel burns clean and is smokeless and odorless, meaning you can use it inside or outside for all your emergency cooking needs or wilderness survival. All you have to do is place a ThermaFuel can inside your emergency preparedness stove, take off the lid, and light the fuel’s wicks. When you’re done, your fuel cell can be extinguished and saved for later use.

Emergency situations require functional survival preparedness gear that meets the needs at hand. Count on Legacy to provide this gear at an affordable price and with long shelf life guarantees that competitors don’t offer.

ThermaFuel Features –

  • 4 Hour Burn Time per Can
  • Smokeless and Odorless
  • Clean Burning – No Toxic Fumes
  • Safe for Indoor or Outdoor Usage
  • 20 Year Plus Shelf Life
  • 4-Wick System delivers Consistent Heat Level without Fluctuation
  • Re-Usable.  Use flame when needed, extinguish when finished.  Reseal Cap for Storage.  Re-light when needed.

*Tested boiling of 6 cups of water in 2 quart thin wall aluminum pot with lid showed boiling in 20-25 minutes, then approximately 20 minutes of cook time.  Boiling time can vary depending on the type of pot used.  Best results with smallest possible pot size, good lid and thinner walled pot.

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