When you grow inside a Patriot Prepared greenhouse, your plants are shielded from problems like rough weather (cold, hail, and strong winds) and serious seasonal pest infestations (locust swarms, Japanese beetles, tent caterpillars, spider mites and many more).

Our greenhouses can protect your plants from nearly all destructive forces. You will have successful harvests year in and year out.


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  • The geodesic shape and the high quality materials used to manufacture the greenhouses make them strong, weather resistant, and perfectly shaped for superior growing.
  • Cover fits like a glove. Harvest Right cuts and welds its cover material to perfectly fit the shape and dimensions of every greenhouse. The cover has a 6 year warranty.
  • Poles that make up the structure are made of high quality, rustproof aircraft aluminum. The hubs that the poles snap into are made of UV resistant nylon polycarbonate.


  • With 202 to 775 sq. ft. of true growing space and a minimum of 9.5 ft. of ample headroom, there is plenty of room for the plants to flourish. Because of the geodesic shape there are no cold corners and every inch of the space is conducive to growing.
  • Woven polyethylene cover is treated to block 100% of harmful UV rays – making it a safe environment to work in and one where your plants will flourish and produce more abundantly.
  • Cover provides R3 insulation value to help keep the interior warmer in cold weather and at night. This allows for optimum growing conditions and makes it possible to extend the growing season, increase yields, and maximize profit.
  • The cover contains anti-drip (anti-condensate) to help prevent droplets of moisture from gathering on the inside of the cover and dripping onto plants, improving light transmission, which make the plants healthier and more productive.


  • No tools needed.
  • Snap to put up. New, patented design makes this greenhouse literally a “snap” to put up and quickly take down. Comparable structures typically take days to build. These units take one or two people 2 to 4 hours to build; yet they are far more durable than comparable structures. The greenhouse poles just snap into the hubs.
  • Portable. Because this unit is quickly set up and taken down, it is truly portable. You can take it with you if you ever move; and you will not be required to get a city building permit to put it in place.


  • Wide, 7’ high door can be kept open or securely closed allowing easy access for people, wheelbarrows, and tools.
  • Windows automatically open and close as the temperature changes for venting and cooling.
  • Heavy duty clasps snap onto the cover and the frame to keep the cover securely attached. Large steel stakes effectively secure the greenhouse to the ground.
  • Behind the 7 ft. door there is a durable mesh screen that allows ventilation and keeps unwanted critters out of the greenhouse.


  • Hail, wind, and snow resistant. The covering material is woven polyethylene (tear resistant) and is very durable (6 year UV fabric warranty).
  • Frame is incredibly strong. The support struts are made of high quality aircraft aluminum. The hubs are made from a nylon polycarbonate that is heat resistant, cold resistant, and UV resistant.
  • Built to withstand 90 mph winds, heavy snow loads, golf ball size hail, and even earthquakes because of the geodesic structure and remarkable cover.


  • Grow directly from the ground or use raised garden beds (planter boxes), potting benches, and hanging plants.
  • May be used as a shed for year round storage. Use it to store your gardening tools, and supplies.
  • Put a different cover on the greenhouse and it becomes a very strong, portable living shelter.

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16 ft. (202 sq. ft.), 24 ft. (450 sq. ft.), 31 ft. (775 sq. ft.)