This Week in Water: Fluoride Overflow

This Week in Water

This entry covers events occuring in the third week in February, 2019.

The headlines collected for this segment,”The Week in Water”, are centered around water supply events that occur in the United States of America. Stories are chosen to represent the variance of issues that are faced by members of the U.S. public; people just like you and I.

Residents of Canyonville, Oregon were warned to boil their water over the holiday weekend, when tap water across the city was coming out cloudy. Tests showed a four-times increase in turbidity, prompting the local officials to make the public water announcement. The high levels of particulates present meant there was a higher chance of disease-causing organisms being present in the city’s supply.

Nitrate levels in Poseyville, Indiana have been discovered to exceed standards of safety, causing the town’s officials to announce that drinking water is not recommended for infants under six months old. The town’s well head protection area is in the middle of miles of agricultural land; the constant use of fertilizer in the area has run-off and into the underground supply. The town, unable to fix the problem, is asking that farmers on nearby land monitor their nitrate output levels closely.

In Utah, Sandy City residents are now allowed to drink their tap water, after two weeks of various chemical contaminates poisoned supplies for thousands of homes. A winter storm was cited by the city as the orginal cause. Subsequently, a power-outage made pumps in the city’s system malfunction, and they began dumping undiluted flouride into the city’s water supply for two straight days, pouring the poison into the water lines until the reserves ran dry. Flouride, being very corrosive, ate away at the city’s pipelines,causing lead and copper levels to spike to nearly fifty times the actionable amount.Hospitals in the area had seen nearly 100 patients with poisoning symptoms in wake of this event; young children, and even a three-month old infant, were recorded to be amongst those treated.

Despite the worrisome and, at times, overwhelming news that we may report on,our goal is largely to inform and outfit the public. Knowing the truth about the safety of your water supply allows you to plan and prepare accordingly, therefor assuring your family’s wellbeing.

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